Weatherall Overkill

This is a public service announcement-
I’ve had an email from Rotters Golf Club with two bits of news for the Audrey heads among you.

A 2SER radio show to stream from his recent jaunt to Australia, with studio chat and songs from The Monks, T-Rex, Wizzard, The Triffids, Amon Duul, AR Kane, Brian Eno and Bill Drummond as well as the man’s own remixes of Grinderman, Soft Rocks, Cut Copy and the Horrors. It’s here.

Also, from 7pm tonight Weatherall’s doing a weekly radio show between 7 and 9 for XOYO London, listen here . That’s Thursday nights sorted. Well it’s not like there’s anything on the telly.

Statement ends. As you were.

I’m Not With The Hundred Crowd I’m With Ninety-Nine

Some time ago I posted Big Audio Dynamite’s Other 99, a song about not being the best, not being at the top of the pile, sometimes settling for five out of ten. This philosophy is completely against current educational thinking and aspirational politics but perfectly in chime with the Occupy Movement and all that stuff about the 99% (us) versus the 1% (bankers etc). It’s a really good BAD song. This is the 12″ Extended Version- the first half is the normal song. Then there’s a lovely four minutes of keyboards and guitars, Mick and co making good use of those extra inches.

Other 99 (Extended Version)

Remix Round Up

I don’t know if readers are getting bored of the repeated Andrew Weatherall posts here but I feel duty bound to share, especially when he’s on such a roll at the moment. Two links to listen only Andrew Weatherall remixes for this morning, both crackers. First up the slow-mo, bass heavy reworking of a song off Wooden Shjips’ West album from last year; Crossings (Andrew Weatherall Remix) can be found on youtube here. The limited edition remix 12″ includes a Sonic Boom remix and is out on Thrill Jockey on February 21st. Second, an electronic wonder job for Clock Opera (who I’ve not heard of) with a brilliant repeated bit where the keyboards go all wonky- Once And For All (Andrew Weatherall remix) is here. Listen only, but what a listen. You can probably find places to download them but obviously I wouldn’t encourage that sort of thing.