Sweet Venus

High quality sleek techno from Death In Vegas’ Richard Fearless, intense and repetitive. Starts off bleepy and with drones, then the rhythm hits. When they talk about machine music, this is the sort of thing they mean.


Metal Dub

Death In Vegas have a new album called Transmission out very soon. DiV mainman Richard Fearless has moved back towards the backroom techno/acid area in the last couple of years. 2014’s Gamma Ray single was an intense delight, 808s aloft. At the end of last year Fearless put out a song called Metal Dub which I think is going to be the opener on Transmission. It sounds like metal dub.

This remix by DJ Richard is a stripped back version with a kind of low key euphoria finishing with some lovely drones. Stunning.

Higher States

This is the view of the campsite we spent the weekend at- photographed on Monday morning, the only time the sun shone. Beautiful eh? Friday night- cold, began to rain. Saturday- rained all day, windy, very cold at night. Sunday- proper rain, all day until late afternoon, windy at night. Still quite cold. We managed to have a cracking time nevertheless, with copious amounts of alcohol, multiple layers of clothing, sausages galore, a stone circle near Ulverston, the Dock Museum in Barrow and for a couple of us a lungbusting, thigh burning bike ride towards Hawkshead and then around Windermere on Sunday night (just getting back to the campsite before it got dark). The climb up to the campsite nearly did for me.

On with the music. Death In Vegas lynchpin Richard Fearless got his techno groove back a while ago, in some style.

Higher Electronic States

Come Together

After that lovely Spiritualized song yesterday I sifted through their songs on the hard drive and on the shelves. I’ve got a lot more Spiritualized than I thought I had. Come Together was released as a shot at having a hit single from the Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space album. It got re-recorded at Abbey Road and lost some swear words (and lost a bit of it’s power as a result) and there were two remixes- a long, paranoid and freaked out Two Lone Swordsmen remix and a long, less paranoid and still pretty freaked out Richard Fearless one.

Come Together (Richard Fearless Mix)

Good video.


Saturday Night Mix

A proper intense, hour long mix from Richard Fearless who is channeling his electronic/techno mojo. Seamless flow with peaks and troughs, synth strings and drum machines. This might not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey on a Saturday night but it’s working for me right now. No tracklist for added record shop, white label mystery vibe.

Ein Fur Die Damen

At the turn of the century Death In Vegas made a couple of albums that were full of guest vocalists- Dot Allison, Paul Weller, Iggy Pop, Jim Reid, Liam Gallagher, and Bobby Gillespie for starters. Dance beats and production with a scuzzy rock glazing. In 2004 they went back to a duo and made a largely instrumental album called Satan’s Circus which got slated almost everywhere. Which was a shame because it contained some good tunes, doffing their caps to Neu! and Kraftwerk (with one song called Sons Of Rother, the Neu! man mentioned by name) . After this one Richard Fearless disappeared off to New York, with a moustache and Black Acid before returning with 2011’s excellent Trans Love Energies. This was the opener on Satan’s Circus; live sounding drums, cosmiche keyboards and an all round West German groove.

Ein Fur Die Damen


Listening to Richard Fearless’ new single Gamma Ray put me in mind of a track he put at the end of the Death In Vegas All Back To Mine compilation- Donna by MMM, high quality lysergic techno. And then, lo and behold, I clicked on a link to a Richard Fearless Q&A interview somewhere on the internet and there he was, still praising it and calling it the ‘record he wished he’d made’. Inspired by Donna Summer’s Our Love and crafted by ¬†Erik Wiegand and Michael Fiedler in Berlin. Vorsprung durch technik.