Right On Time

1989 was a good year. I don’t know if we knew this at the time or just at the age of nineteen (I was anyway) we expected that all years would be like that. This single by Italo House outfit Black Box was number one for six weeks in the UK. It caused some controversy at the time because Loleatta Holloway’s original vocal (swiped from Love Sensation) was mimed to by French model Katrin Quinol (pictured lounging about above). Loleatta’s lawyers got involved even though sample clearance had been agreed. Loleatta got paid, the single withdrawn and the vocals were re-recorded by Heather Small. I’m not sure the record buying punter really cared- they just found it irresistible for dancing too (and still do).

Originally the line was ‘because you’re right on time’ but somewhere in Italy it got misheard or mispronounced and changed to ‘ride on time’ which is good because it sounds better. Much like when Gerald ran out of character space on the title display when naming Voodoo Rage and instead went for Voodoo Ray. Happy accidents.

If I’ve got this right, and there’s a chance I haven’t, this is the first version with Loleatta’s withdrawn vocal…

Ride On Time (Loleatta Holloway vocal)

And this is the remixed version with Heather Small

Ride On Time (Heather Small vocal)