Young Soul Rebel Version

Dexys Midnight Runners’ cover of yesterday’s northern soul smash isn’t too shabby either.

A couple of friends of mine bumped into Kevin Rowland in the street a few months back, both big fans. They approached him and one of them asked to shake his hand, telling Kevin how one of Dexys albums had been a key album in his life. ‘Which album?’ Kevin asked. ‘Searching For The Young Soul Rebels’ my friend replied. Apparently the look on Kevin Rolands’ face made it clear it wasn’t an opinion he shared. Which tells you something about artists, seeing as Young Soul Rebels is pretty much the only Dexys album to get universal adoration. It’s thirty years old this year, re-issued this month with the ‘legacy’ treatment- extra tracks, sessions, unreleased songs, booklet and so on. That’ll be the sound of a record company wringing a few more drops out.

06 Seven Days Too Long.wma

The First Time I Called You Girl They Say You Wasn’t Home

How much wood would Chuck Wood chuck if his baby was gone for seven days?

13 Seven Days Too Long.wma