Obscure Monday- as if it hasn’t been obscure or obtuse enough here recently. Afrobeat legend and drummer Tony Allen remixed by Berlin techno legend Oswald von Moritz back in 2007 (that’s ten years ago now, as if you need reminding that these things are all longer ago than you thought they were). What is this? It’s Afro-techno-dub.

That doesn’t really do it justice. It’s lighter than air, languid poly-rhythmic, Nigerian disco via  Deutsch motorik funk with a dubbed out end section.

Ole (A Remix by Moritz von Oswald)


It happens at the end of every year- I get the Piccadilly Records end of year list booklet and end up buying something that I missed which turns out to be a really good listen. This year it’s an album that came out back in February, a collaboration between Detroit techno legend Juan Atkins and Berlin techno legend Moritz von Oswald. Transport is eight tracks of modern techno, pitched halfway between the two cities and updating the classic 90s sound for now. It was preceded by this single which had an alternate version of the album’s long, repetitive centrepiece.

I’m off to Old Trafford today to see United. I’ll see you all later here for the New Year’s Eve shenanigans and a bumper post to send 2016 on its way.

Riod (Alternative Version)