All told, 2013 has been a shitty year for a lot of people and we won’t be to sad to see the back of it. Here’s hoping for a better one in 2014 (though whether the shift from one set of calendar dates to another should bring luck or fortune is a moot point).

This is my 472nd post in 2013, thanks for reading and contributing and have a good new year, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Peace y’all.

2013 (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

You’ve probably all got this already.  If not get it before midnight.  It’ll be out of date at one minute past.

Double Mick

I was listening to that BBC 6 Radio Clash show yesterday and one of Mick Jones’ choices was Citadel by The Rolling Stones. Citadel is off the 1967 psychedelic disaster Their Satanic Majesties Request, an album with two, maybe three, good songs. I’d forgotten all about Citadel until Jonesey played it and it floored me, to the extent that I went to the vinyl collection, dug out Satanic Majesties (which probably hasn’t been out of it’s sleeve since the late 80s) and put Citadel straight on. Sneering, psychedelic garage rock. It’s got a superb nasty, psych guitar riff from Keef and Mick doing what sounds like a slowed down proto- Jumping Jack Flash vocal. Add in some noise that The Velvet Underground wouldn’t have turned down and you have what may well be the most under-rated song in The Stones whole back catalogue (which means all the records up to Exile On Main Street really doesn’t it?).


And for the last day of 2013 here’s Bagging Area favourites Big Audio Dynamite with a lovely slice of late 80s house influenced positivity, Contact.

But what on earth was Mick doing with his hair?

Contact (Club Mix)

Some Of The Busiest Rhymes Ever Made By Man

Back in the olden days, when it was all fields around here, this track by Young MC was extremely popular amongst the younger folk, who used to crowd the dancefloor in their loose fitting clothing and applaud the flow of the rapper and the parts played, or rather sampled, by bass and guitar and whoop with their arms aloft.

Cos they had know how.

Know How

Apparently The Stone Roses played this record to producer John Leckie and he said ‘Wow, tight band’.

This Was Radio Clash

I missed this on Boxing Day due to family commitments but it’s worth catching up with today (or any day up until Thursday, readers outside the UK may need to search the internet a little deeper)- Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon chatting and playing records for BBC6 here. Opening with Bowie’s Laughing Gnome the surviving 75% of The Clash take in Adam Faith, The Meters, Afika Bambaataa, The Kinks, Desmond Dekker, Junior Murvin, Chuck Berry, Shuggie Otis, Grandmaster Flash, Arctic Monkeys and a load more besides. All three are engaging hosts and former manager Bernie Rhodes also makes repeated appearances in a disguised squeeky voiced form.

You Go To Your Girl’s House And I’ll Go To Mine

Eric B and Rakim’s Paid In Full (the Coldcut Remix) is one of those hip-hop party records that always, always sounds great. That’s not to say that one should attempt to dance to it at your youngest brother’s wedding the Saturday before Christmas done up in suit and tie, possibly a little too early in the evening and there being few other dancers thus leaving yourself a tad exposed upon the dancefloor- but I like to think I got away with it. No, I don’t what those people were laughing at either.

Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness- the Coldcut Remix)

Night Navigator

Something deep, dark and sexy for Saturday night, brand new from Richard Sen and remixed by Scott Fraser. Somewhere in the intersection of acid, techno and house.

A Big Hand Please

I didn’t put this in my 2013 list. I can’t imagine how I missed it when I listen to it now.

Christmas Eve

                                                                Merry Christmas from 1945

It’s too late- the shops are shut, apart from the all night garage and the Nisa local. If you haven’t got it by now, you’re not going to get it. So sit down, pour yourself a drink, put your feet up, put some music on and mute the TV.

I’ll be seeing family and going away for a couple of days. To all the people who come here and read this blog, the lurkers and the shy (pop in and say hello lurkers! You just have to leave something in the comments box) and all my internet friends- Ctel, Drew, Davy, DVD, George, Charity Chic, Simon, Ally, Dirk, Echorich, Walter, Luca, London Lee, The Cynical Farmer, Anto, Mondo, Max, and any others I’ve missed from this list who leave the comments that make this blogging lark a two-way thing rather than just me staring at a computer screen- I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. See you in a few days.

A Poundland Christmas

In recent years Billy Childish has become part of the sound of Christmas round our way.

Black Christmas

Poly Styrene’s epic reggae tinged tribute to a black Christmas (with black snow) is a must for any serious Christmas compilation cd or playlist. Your kids and relations will thank you for it in the long run.

Sorry the words have been a bit brief for the last few days. Been a tad busy and seem to be doing this on the run. Must post daily, must post daily….

Black Christmas

This Is The Way I Always Dreamed It Would Be

1966, The Ronettes, with Phil Spector co-writing and producing. That’s about it for words today. I’ve been partying/wedding attending/family gathering hosting since Friday night and feel a little bit out of sorts.

I Can Hear Music