The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 132

Friday night in the Bagging Area Arms- I’ve emptied the ash trays in the smoking section (I gave up 7 months ago today folks), put some fresh nuts on the bar, stoked the fire. Gloria’s just arrived made up and in her glad rags ready for new employment, Stan’s on the door watching out for ne’erdowells. Just need some punters now- my round, who’s in?

I’ve posted Peanuts Wilson’s Cast Iron Arm before but I opened up Bob Stanley’s Yeah, Yeah, Yeah yesterday and the first page is about that very record so I thought we could open 2014’s rockabilly party with it, all the way from the 1950s- thumping rhythm, wild sax, comic voices and violent threats towards men and their intentions re: Peanuts’ girl. As Bob says- impossible to get on vinyl but in the age of the internets it’s available everywhere, all the time.

Cast Iron Arm

Spent The Summer Holed Up In A Room

A Christmas song for you- hey, it’s the twelfth of December, in two weeks it’ll all be over. In 1993 St Etienne joined up with The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess to record this song, a festive Europop duet. St Etienne’s own Bob Stanley was born on the 25th of December 1964. I’m hoping somebody has bought me Bob’s new book Yeah Yeah Yeah for Christmas.

I Was Born On Christmas Day