Tied Together

This song is the third in a row of this type of thing- I hope you’re getting a good mixtape out of this. Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros released an ep in November called Sleaze. All four songs are good, two are superb. Thoughts On Modern Living is a full on slow-mo techno thing with that sampled speech that I’ve heard before somewhere ‘You don’t have to tell me things are bad, everybody knows things are bad…’, taken I think from the Great Depression in 1930s, building as the voice’s rage increases. It’s too good to post, you should seek it out yourself. The other stunner is this chilly remix of Legato by Kasper Bjorke. Sleaze is still available on vinyl, on Throne Of Blood. You should buy a copy as an advent present to yourself -it’s worth six quid of anyone’s money.

Legato (Kasper Bjorke Remix)


Argent- silvery white, a tincture of silver.

Jane Weaver’s album The Silver Globe is the Piccadilly Records album of the year and they don’t often get it wrong. Jane is a Liverpudlian folk musician who has moved up and beyond to produce a properly cosmic album, with silvery white flashes shot all the way through it. There are still some traces of the folkiness in the vocals and on some of the quieter moments. And there is space rock, motorik drumming, glorious synths and drones, and a lovely warm retro-futuristic romance. I think it’s got a post-apocalyptic theme running through the lyrics too. Worth a punt if you’re looking for something to ease you through the long dark nights of December.