My Favourite Way Of Getting Kicks

A last 1987 song for this week and I’m not even sure it’s a very good one. Pop Will Eat Itself’s Box Frenzy album was awash with drum machine and samples and on songs like There Is No Love Between Us Anymore they came up with something relatively original, a Midlands take on hip-hop/sampling with indie guitars. The song the album was equally well known for was Beaver Patrol, which opened with a sample ‘Attention young ladies!’, some crunchy guitar, crashing drum machine beat and then the line ‘My favourite way of getting kicks, I go down town and I hustle chicks- beaver patrol’. From there on in it’s a question of trying to work out if this is tongue in cheek, humorous, serious, a wind up or what.

Beaver Patrol

It seems like most people were totally unaware this was a cover- I know I was for many years (until a friend bought me the Pebbles garage compilation in the early 90s). The Wilde Knights wrote the original, a 60s organ and guitar garage song. Somehow I’m pretty sure The Wilde Knights were totally serious.

Beaver Patrol


Touched By The Hand Of…

…Cicciolina, Cicciolina.

In May 1990 Pop Will Eat Itself released a single just ahead of the Italia 90 World Cup. PWEI intended it as an alternative World Cup theme and let’s face it, given how corrupt FIFA is/was, no one would really have batted an eyelid at a dance single by a West Midlands grebo band fronted by an Italian porn star turned politician. Plus, as a song, it’s massively good fun. House pianos. Dub bassline. Horns. Fans chanting. Commentary.

Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina (Extra Time Mix)

Rich Lane has recently done a Cotton Dub re-edit of it, updating it for 2017 in fine style. No download unfortunately but again, massively good fun.

Home Sweet Home

Following in a line from yesterday’s post, a wobbly line maybe but a line nonetheless, comes this long, blissful, dubbed out remix of Pop Will Eat Itself by The Orb themselves. This remix takes Pop Will Eat Itself into all sorts of places they might not have got to on their own- a proper excursion on the version. The Orb’s remixes from the early-to-mid 90s are compiled on a pair of double cd albums called Auntie Aubrey’s Excursions Beyond The Call Of Duty which I can’t recommend highly enough if you don’t have them. They can be picked up pretty cheaply second hand too.

Home (Home Sweet Home Remix)

All You Gotta Do Is Hustle

Tom Courtenay has just said to Pattie Boyd, while walking Thameside in the rain in 1966, ‘Yeah, so actually my favourite way of getting kicks is to go down town and hustle chicks’, and Pattie has replied ‘You what pal?’ Leaving Tom to dig his way out of the whole Beaver Patrol problem.

The original of yesterday’s Poppies cover.

Beaver Patrol

My Favourite Way Of Getting Kicks

There’s a grebo reunion package tour about to do the rounds- Jesus Jones, The Wonderstuff and Pop Will Eat Itself. Steady, don’t rush off to Ticketmaster all at once. If Jesus Jones were playing in our back garden I’d pull the blinds down and turn up the TV, and The Wonderstuff would probably turn the bar into a giant magnet but I’d quite enjoy PWEI. I saw them in my first term as a student at Liverpool University and they were dead good fun. I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t know Beaver Patrol was a cover until much later as well (Shadows Of Knight, 60s nugget band). Beaver Patrol is of course infantile, purile and sexist. At the gig, autumn ’88, I was talking to a grebo girl I quite fancied. I was wearing a bandanna (around my head) and a white shirt with a waistcoat. Thought I was cutting quite a dash. I only realised later that several times I’d referred to PWEI’s Clint as Clive. Although maybe it was the bandanna that damaged my chances more.

Beaver Patrol