Shakedown 1979

I was doing some ironing an hour or two ago while listening to BBC 6 through the TV (I know what you’re thinking; take it from me, the fun never stops round here). Karl Hyde of Underworld was playing a diverse and eclectic mix of songs that inspire him, one of which was 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins. Now, I never liked The Smashing Pumpkins- grunge by numbers with bad hair, and Billy Corgan always seemed like such a dick. How, incidentally, did he end up playing with New Order? But 1979 was one very cool song, ace drum intro, great guitars, wistful vocal. Love it. I’ve got their Greatest Hits, bought in 2001 (2001?. Jeez!), pre-internet days for me when I used to buy cds for the odd song. I bought it solely for 1979 but hoping there’d be something else on it as good.

There wasn’t.