Cool Breeze

I’ve finally got a new computer to replace the gas powered desktop I’ve been running with for the past seven years. Bought last weekend, picked up Thursday night, set up Friday night and tinkered with for much of Saturday. The speed at which it does basic tasks compared to the old one is astonishing. No more staring at the screen waiting for pages to load, no more crashes while composing posts and copying text and codes, no more banging my head against the desk and considering writing things out on paper and hand delivering them to you all… it’s something else. On the other hand copying over thousands of songs and pictures is bewildering. Sorting the music into an order that I recognise could take some time. Getting into accounts may also prove interesting. For a while yesterday I was locked out of this blog and couldn’t access my emails (cue long phonecall to my internet provider which resolved the email issue). I’m sure there are passwords for websites I won’t remember either. But it’s fast at doing stuff. This is Big Youth from 1979 with some smart roots reggae for your Sunday morning.

Cool Breeze


And Don’t You Come Back No More

Today’s song is from the mid 1970s, roots and rockers reggae’s golden period, and celebrated deejay Big Youth (pulling a wheelie too- I could never get the hang of that). Hit The Road Jack was written by Percy Mayfield in 1960, possibly inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road (but opinions seem to differ on this). Ray Charles had a hit with it in 1961 duetting with Margie Hendricks- she kicks him out cos ‘it’s understood, he’s got no money, he’s no good’. Big Youth recorded his version in 1977- the year two sevens clash.

Hit The Road Jack