Walking In The Rain

I’ve been listening to Grace Jones’ 1981 album Nightclubbing recently, something about its grooves and atmosphere fit in just right with this extended spell of sunshine we’ve had up here in the north. The opening track Walking In The Rain (a cover of a song by an Australian group called Flash And The Pan) is a powerful opener, driven on by the jawdropping rhythm skills of Sly and Robbie- I could happily listen to a version of this album that was just Sly and Robbie sometimes. Grace’s delivery is bold and the guitars add menace and drama, gathering storm clouds. The rain Grace is walking in isn’t fine Mancunian drizzle or British bank holiday downpour, this is steamy monsoon rain. There’s a seven minutes plus 12″ version that’s worth having a look at too.

Walking In The Rain


We Learn Dances, Brand New Dances

I’m not sure if this is a 1977 themed week or an Iggy Pop themed week. Or if it’s a theme week at all. In 1981 Grace Jones covered Nightclubbing, from Iggy’s The Idiot- it was the name of the album as well as a cover of the song. Rhythm kings Sly and Robbie on bass and drums root the whole thing in dub coupled with a New Wave sheen and some hiss. In Iggy’s version he’s in the nightclub but dazed and distanced, an outsider looking in, numbed by party drugs. In this version Grace is imperious, glacial, in the middle of the dancefloor.


45 RPM

Tonight I am spinning records at a friends 45th birthday party in Sheffield. His initials are RPM and so the theme of the party became evident to us a few years ago- 45 RPM.

All the guests have been instructed to bring a 7″ single with them, which I will play (or not possibly, I have some boundaries and standards after all). I’m bringing some extras from my collection as a) back up and b) to ensure dancing takes place later on. I’m boxing up some 12″ singles where there are required tunes that I only have on 12″ and hey, we make the rules, we can break them can’t we? I may take a 10″ or two as well. But mainly it’s about 7″ 45 rpm singles. What about 12″ singles that play at 33 rpm I hear you ask? I don’t know. Depends what they are I suppose.

I fear some guests may bring some ‘funny’ records. There’s a balance to be struck between ‘fun’ and fun. And I’m attempting to take charge of that balance. No I will not play your Barron Knights single- well, maybe later, if there’s time * drops Barron Knights single behind radiator*.

It’s nice to be getting the gear and records together again after a good time off from this sort of thing. Having missed 33 RPM it gives us a dry run for 78 as well. In the unlikely event that anyone reading this is attending the party, see you there. For no particular reason other than I just found it in my downloads folder, here is Grace Jones.

Pull Up To The Bumper (12″ mix)