Nine Million Rainy Remix

I’m not sure the Jesus And Mary Chain’s Nine Million Rainy Days was crying out to be remixed or re-edited for a sort of subterranean, slow-mo club night- but I’m glad it was. Done by Los Lopez. Find it at Soundcloud.

I’m pretty sure some JAMC fans won’t like this though.

Dub Cooking

Two of the albums I’ve listened to most this year are releases that I didn’t fully get with last year- The Kills Blood Pressures and Hollie Cook’s debut. Hollie is Sex Pistol Paul’s daughter and played with the reformed Slits. Her debut is a proper pop-reggae record, full of summery delights even if we ain’t got no sunshine. In April Prince Fatty put out a dubbed out version of it. V good it is, go get a copy.

And The Beat Goes On Dub

The picture is the latest in an irregular series of 1920s and 30s aviators. Although this one is an aviatrix, a word sadly underused in the 21st century.

Hot Flush

Bit of a lazy post today. We’re off to Beverley, East Yorkshire for a 40th (and a night in a hotel without kids. Wooh). A classic Sabres remix of Red Snapper for you. And a picture of Amelia Earhart.

Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise Remix)

Small Time Hustler Two

In an online version of Noel Edmunds’ cosmic ordering, ask and the internet provides- Colin from Glasgow emailed a day or two ago with a vinyl rip of Dismasters’ 1987 single Small Time Hustler, which I wrote about on Sunday (scroll down). Cheers Col.

Small Time Hustler

Another 1920s/30s aviator picture for you to enjoy. I said to Mrs Swiss the other night ‘I’m quite into 1920s aviation, y’know, the sense of adventure, the newness of flight, the leather jackets’.

You Think Girls And Boys Are Just Toys

I’ve posted the Richard Sen remix of Toys by Hedford Vachal before, back in the early days of this blog when somewhere between three and five people were reading it. It came up on the mp3 player in the car driving home from work yesterday and I knew I had to post it again. Released in 2008 on the ever-reliable Tirk Records this is a magnificent remix by Mr Sen,  Nu-Disco or something like that. It’s got a wonderful descending bassline, wonky synths, handclaps, a big bleepy bit just before the breakdown, … oh just listen to it. You’ll love it. And it might wear the carpet out if you play it late at night after you’ve had a few.

Toys (Richard Sen Remix)

For no particular reason the picture with this post shows August Sander, an aviator from the 1920s.