This Is The Music Of A Hip Hop Band

Stetsasonic’s Talkin’ All That Jazz sounds a bit dated now but still quite exciting. Formed in 1979 they were one of the first hip hop acts to use ‘real’ instruments as well as turntables when performing live. The lyrical focus of this song sounds quaint as well- a justification for using jazz samples in their tracks, as the music is part of their history and culture. In 2011 it seems strange to think the sampling debate used to based around issues like this. Still, a cracking tune, with some good samples and the MCs chucking out all kinds of vocal wordplay, humour and anger. This track also appeared on the Rebirth Of Cool compilation album , filled with jazz influenced hip hop and hip hop influenced jazz which I played loads in 1991-2, but probably hasn’t been out of the sleeve for about eighteen years.

13 – Talkin_’ All That Jazz.mp3