I’ll Take Care Of U

Since my car was condemned to the scrapyard I’ve been driving a different car to work. Ok, alright, I’ve been driving my mother in law’s car to work. It has a CD player so I’ve switched from my in-car mp3 player and the world of shuffle to grabbing some cds from the pile next to the stereo waiting to be filed and working my way through albums instead. One of them is Jamie Xx’s remixed version of Gil Scott Heron’s I’m New Here, released back in 2011 as We’re New Here. Jamie kept the vocals and reworked the music entirely, sampling some of Gil’s older vocals too. The closing song, I’ll Take Care Of U, an old Brook Benton song, is one of the best and the one that most successfully takes Gil’s vocals somewhere else (London pirate radio).

I’ll Take Care Of U