The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 53

This picture is what turned up when I image searched ‘rockabilly caravan’. Pretty cool, huh?

We’re off to a caravan (not a rockabilly caravan more’s the pity) for a week, largely paid for by vouchers from a major supermarket chain, so I’m shutting up shop for a week. Be good while I’m away. Tidy up after yourselves and turn the lights off when you leave a room.

To send us off on our way a rockabilly corker- Rochee and The Sarnos formed in London in the early 80s, inspired by punk and 50s rock ‘n’ roll. This is Rumble In The Jungle, and you’ll love it. Very English sounding rockabilly.

Rumble In The Jungle

Can You Hear Them Talking ‘Bout Us Telling Lies?

One of the best records I’ve heard recently, courtesy of one of Mr Weatherall’s many radio shows, is Fuxa’s cover version of Our Lips Are Sealed, utterly blissed out and very beautiful. It’s out soon on limited edition 7″ vinyl with a lp to follow in May. Watch it on Youtube here, but be prepared to have to re-play it several times. Gorgeous.

Our Lips Are Sealed is surely in any respectable list of tip-top pop songs of all time/the 1980s. As everyone knows it was co-written by Terry Hall and Jane Wiedlin (of Fun Boy Three and The Go Go’s respectively), and released by both bands in different versions. The Go Go’s was released first (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) and is down below. You could fill a tape with all the great versions and covers of this song.

Our Lips Are Sealed

If I Could Just Hold You

The new album (The Something Rain) by Tindersticks is shaping up well. Nine minute opener Chocolate has to be heard to be believed and this song, Frozen, has Stuart Staples intoning increasingly desperately the title of this post, set against urgent backing and collaborator Terry Edwards’ trumpet squawks. I’ve never been a knocked out fan but this album has a load of songs that’ll be there at the end of the year.


As Recommended By Mr HSD

Someone reversed into me while I drove past their driveway this morning, which just about put the tin lid on it as far as the last week’s concerned. Then my friend Mr HSD recommended this to me via the magic of the internets and all of a sudden… who cares?

Itchycoo Park, (If You Think You’re) Groovy and Tin Soldier. With P P Arnold. Sigh.

I Can’t Stand The Rain

And with this unseasonal heatwave we don’t have to.
Ann Peebles sublime 1974 soul smash.

I Can’t Stand The Rain

The download stats have plummeted since the temporary switch to 4 Shared. Apologies if it’s a pain for people. I believe 4 Shared want an email address in exchange for d/ling. Boxnet should be available to me again in a day or two.

Close… But No Cigar

I didn’t get the job. I performed well but…no cigar. Feedback was useful, some of it very complimentary. It was a good experience. I’m knackered. Thanks to everyone who offered best wishes. Here’s some Arthur Russell, whose work ranges from new wave disco to avant-garde minimalism.

A Little Lost

One Day

Having been put fully through the wringer yesterday, poked and prodded and weighed and judged, I will hear later this afternoon about the job. Too tired and frazzled to post at length. Here’s Bjork remixed by Sabres Of Paradise.

One Day (Endorphin Mix)