Shake Your Hips

In the end I dashed out to see Wilko Johnson last night. It was pretty good- stripped down rhythm and blues, telecaster action, Norman Watt-Roy on bass (proving he can really play), some great songs. A little too much ‘MojoUncut rock bloke’ going on at times with some fiddly-diddly bits but I’m glad I went. And he did that shooting across the stage while machine gunning the audience with his guitar thing.

The blues has a long tail doesn’t it? Not sure it shows much in the charts at the moment but it slithers on from the Mississippi Delta to Canvey Island to the Medway via elsewhere. It might die out in the next twenty years in terms of record sales and public profile but it’s done pretty well. Some Slim Harpo for you and the slinky-as-anything Shake Your Hips.

Shake Your Hips


Friday Night Is… Wilko Johnson Is Playing In Sale Tonight Night

And I’m not going.

We’ve just stepped through the door fresh from barreling down the A19 and the A1(M) and the M62, with six washing machine loads to sort and all the rest. So while the guitarist from Dr Feelgood (song from way back in 1975 down below) is playing just a fifteen minute walk from my front door, I don’t think I’l be there. Probably sold out anyway.

Sale’s music venue is The Waterside, a small arts theatre. In the past I’ve either been away when there’s a rare appearance by anyone decent (The Earlies) or haven’t heard about it til the gig’s passed (Roddy Frame, Imelda May) due to their crap publicity department or couldn’t be arsed (Lloyd Cole). So… where’s my coat?

Back In the Night