Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet

‘Let’s go somewhere quiet’ are pretty much the last words a parent wants to hear in hospital.

Ctel at Acid Ted has put together a compilation album with a variety of unsigned artists to raise awareness and resources for research into childhood brain tumours, a sadly too common cause of death among the under fives. Ctel lost his own son to this foul disease over four years ago and has written brilliantly and movingly on it many times. My own experience with our disabled son I.T. mirrors some of what Ctel has been through, especially long periods of hospitalisation, the strain of dealing with the diagnosis of serious diseases in children and the invasion of one’s life by something dreadful and unasked for. When I.T. was diagnosed with Hurler’s disease in the summer of 1999 we were ushered into an office at Manchester Childrens’ Hospital. A nurse lowered the blinds as we were seated with a consultant. As the horror sunk in and the world swirled around us and the ground disappeared beneath our feet, we were dropped into a place where nothing would be the same again. Some friends of friends of ours are currently dealing with exactly what happened to Ctel. This is important and you can do something to help.

The album, Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet, will be released digitally and physically this month. You can keep updated over at Acid Ted. On Monday he featured this song, Never Forget, as a free download. It’s by Lena Katina (formerly of taTu) and remixed by Thee Paus3. You know what to do.