She Shake It Up Right On Time

More sad news in a year of sad news- Prince Buster, a true legend of Jamaican music from his first release in 1961, has died at the age of 78. Buster’s real name was Cecil Campbell and as Madness noted he was born on Orange Street in Kingston. He fell in with Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd’s sound system and having learned the ropes moved on to set up his own system, Voice Of The People. This song became one of those Levi’s adverts hits which shouldn’t detract from either its brilliance or the libidinous lyrics.

Whine And Grine

Wine Your Body Gal

I usually throw cds that come free with music magazines straight into the bin these days but a Jamaican Explosion one survived and when I stuck it the kitchen cd player the other night The Folkes Brothers 1961 hit Oh Carolina had me skipping around while loading the dishwasher or doing something similar.

Oh Carolina

Forget about Shaggy’s 1990s version, this is the real deal. There’s an excellent explanation of the song’s recording and history here. It may not surprise you to know that Prince Buster was heavily involved. In 1984 the Jamaican government sent John Folkes a certificate for Oh Carolina accrediting him with recording the first ever reggae song. Which is nice.

One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond was the B-side to Prince Buster’s 1964 single Al Capone and has the staccato ska-ska-ska guitar sound from which the entire genre got its name. Well, that’s one theory anyway. Prince Buster’s original is ace, the horn line snaking about, impossibly jiggy.

In 1979 Madness, newly signed to Stiff having left 2 Tone, released it with an extended spoken intro by Chas Smash. Suggs does not appear on the record at all but when I hear it, it’s him I think of first. I found this mp3 on the net where someone has put the two versions together, compare and contrast style, Prince Buster first and Madness second.

One Step Beyond/One Step Beyond

I Had A Hard Night

Prince Buster’s Rough Rider, nothing if not explicit, set to a rocking ska backbeat.

She was a rough rider
A cool stroker
A strong whiner

I had a hard night
Last night

She was a rough rider
She whiney, whiney
Last night

She chop the wood
Last night
Me wore the brush

From the man who brought you Whine And Grine, Pussy Cat Bite Me, Train To Girls Town, Wreck A Buddy (The Sexy Girls), Wreck A Pum Pum (not sure what that means actually) and many more.

03 Rough Rider.wma