Drop That Ghettoblaster

Something a bit more in your face and full on, full frontal even, than yesterday’s ghostly Rootmasters song. This 1986 release by Karen Finley was sampled by S’Express (which this post’s title was borrowed and also the phrase ‘suck me off’, which somehow Mark Moore managed to disguise slightly by smudging the first vowel sound and then sneaking onto Radio 1 and Top of Of The Pops). Over a rapid fire drum machine and then some long keyboard chords Karen opens fire (Karen was a performance artist and poet and is currently a professor at New York University). She starts out with ‘you don’t own me bastard, you fucking asshole’ and then crams in pretty much every insult, sexual reference and swear word she can think of, also taking time to include your Granny and Belgian waffles. It’s a tour de force performance and was produced and co-written by Mark Kamins (who most famously worked with Madonna in the 80s).

It is still pretty jaw-dropping to hear and should probably only be played loudly/audibly if you are very confident in those who are around you. Most definitely Not Safe For Work.

Tales Of Taboo

Here, so you can place those vocal samples in context, and also because this is one of the greatest records of the 1980s (and of any decade in fact) are S’Express having a lot of fun on Top Of The Pops.