Until a couple of days ago I never knew there was a video for Apex Twin’s 1993 song On (from the e.p. On).

I caught it by accident on TV, on a music channel I flicked onto while waiting for a lift. On is a delicious track- it could be serene ambient were it not for the buzz and distortion of the bass and the harshish drums. Yet it still manages to be beautiful. I was then doubly surprised that the video was directed by Jarvis Cocker, making brilliant use of water dripping, a beach, a deep sea divers outfit, a cardboard cut out of Richard D James and stop-motion photography. The only shame with the video is it’s only three minutes forty five seconds long. Luckily the e.p. version is seven minutes long.



Something new on the net from Frank Ocean- everyone’s saying it’s his first work for two years but they seem to be forgetting Hero with Diplo, Paul Simonon and Mick Jones from earlier this year. The song (fragment might be more accurate) is pretty low key and under two minutes long. It opens with distorted, phased backing, sounding like someone’s playing it on a laptop next door. Frank’s staccato vocals add to the disorientation. Then there’s some Stevie Wonder electric piano and singing, smoothing things out. Intriguing.

Seven Miles Down

Timothy J Fairplay has made and contributed to  a lot of good music recently but I don’t think he’s made anything stranger, more out there, than this. Bubbling sounds, off key horns parping, a krautesque keyboard riff, busy drumming and time changes. It’s tagged on Soundcloud as Zombie Dub and… hey, why not.

The Big Clapper

Then I remembered that Two Lone Swordsmen had a deep sea diver thing for a while. 1998’s Stay Down (front cover up above) was a wonderful album of minimal electronic stuff, much of which sounded semi-submerged. This C-Pij remix of one of that lp’s songs (from the Further Tactical Support ep) is a few minutes worth of ambient noise, possibly the sound from inside one of those helmets. It may not change your life. While I’m here I had a green TLS t-shirt with two deep sea divers on it as well.

The Big Clapper (C-Pij remix)

They Moved Their Exclamation Mark!

Godspeed You!Black Emperor changed their name several years ago, shifting the exclamation mark from the end of the name to after You. I have no idea what the significance of this was. They usually get described as a ‘shadowy Canadian collective’ who make lengthy, apocalyptic, anti-commercial, anti-capitalist, instrumental music.I saw them play in Manchester, I think when Raise Your Skinny Fists To Heaven Like Antennae came out. They sat and stood on stage and played their tracks, almost exactly like the sounded on record. One of my friends left before the end for his train, muttering that they weren’t improvisational enough but I thought they were impressive. I don’t know how many of their albums you actually need but there’s a new one out now called Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! More exclamation marks. Will excessive punctuation bring the system down?

Their Helicopters Sing


A deep sea diver and his wife. Why not?

Howsabout some gloriously unhinged bangin’ and hollerin’ from the mighty Jim Jones Revue for Saturday morning? Wake you up and blow some of those cobwebs out. New album out now.

7 Times Around The Sun

Singing Loins

For some reason, in the early 1900s this deep sea diver appeared at Winchester Cathedral. Those deep sea diving suits are both very cool  and very terrifying. Must have been nerve wracking walking along the sea bed in lead boots and huge helmet with an air pipe attached. The cover of the new Singing Loins lp- Here On Earth- has a deep sea diver painted by Billy Childish. Medway folkers The Singing Loins are into their third decade as a band. This is the video for one of the songs off the album, Monsters Ashore, and I rather like it…

Billy Childish, relatively quiet of late, has suddenly released three Spartan Dreggs albums on the same day. You can get them at Damaged Goods. A few years ago Billy and the Singing Loins recorded an excellent album in a kitchen. This is one is one of Billy’s standards redone Singing Loins style.

Pocahontus Was Her Name