Bleu Bandulu

In the second hand record shop the other day I picked up a 12″ of Lundi Bleu by The Times. The Times was Ed Ball’s (note NOT Ed Balls) acid house project and Lundi Bleu was his cover version of Blue Monday which I posted here several years ago. The 12″ had two remixes of the track by The Grid which were what caught my eye and at £2.00 I decided it was worth a punt, having heard none of the remixes before. The two Grid remixes are both good, dubby with vocal samples, chugging away nicely. Here’s The Grid’s World Communications remix. It’s a Youtube video only I’m afraid- my computer issues continue and ripping anything is a bridge too far at the moment.

I enjoyed both The Grid remixes, especially as being off this week I had the house to myself and could turn it up loud enough and sit back with a cup of tea. But the real treat is on the flipside with Bandulu’s remix. Bandulu were from London, also on Creation and made reggae influenced dub/techno. Their remix of Lundi Bleu is a delight which defies description really- bubbling sounds and bouncing bass with an otherworldly, underwater groove. Futuristic in ’92 and still sounding so today. Properly making something wonderful and new out of a track.


Deep Space Boom

Here’s a 1991 tune from yesterday’s remixers The Grid to welcome in May. Boom is a rolling uptempo, Italo piano led seven minutes worth of music to lift the spirits and expand the mind, messages and bleeps bouncing back to us from a very long way away.

Boom (Deep Space Mix)

Crystal Clear

I logged into my Boxnet account yesterday to upload Crystal Clear by The Grid, one of those ace 90s dance tracks with a dub-techno beat and acid squiggle, and found that I have used 1654% of my bandwidth for this month. Which is well over ten times what I usually use. Which was a bit confusing. I skimmed through my files to find that Ohm’s Tribal Tone (Sabres Of Paradise Remix) had been previewed over 7000 times. Which is about 6970 more times than even my most popular downloads get downloaded. So I don’t know what’s happened there. But my bandwidth for the rest of September has now gone tits up. Very strange.

Crystal Clear