It’s the ordinariness which is most affecting when horror strikes like it did in Paris on Friday night. We were in Paris two weeks ago- I took this photo of the Eiffel Tower. A fortnight later it’s a warzone. There were scores of people blown up by suicide bombers in Lebanon as well but what’s closer to home is what gets the coverage, due to its nature and the ordinariness. Going to a restaurant, sitting outside a bar on a Friday night, going to  a football match, standing in a gig venue watching a band. These are the things we take for granted. I saw a tweet yesterday morning, re-tweeted by Tim Burgess, by a woman looking for her boyfriend, a photo of a man with long hair, smiling. Nick Alexander was doing the merchandise stall at The Bataclan. Later on it was clear he’d been killed. She also tweeted later, a picture of the two of them. Killed while selling t-shirts. Sometimes it’s the numbers and scale of atrocities that affect the most and sometimes it’s the human details.