Telepathic Lover

San Diego’s Crocodiles are always worth a listen. They put out their sixth album back in October which somehow I missed and have just been discovering recently. The fuzzed up, sleazy psych sound of their previous records has been replaced by something sunnier on Dreamless, especially so on the single Telepathic Lover which sounds a lot like late 80s New Order to the Bagging Area ears. Across the album as a whole here’s some spreading of wings (winged crocodiles would be fearsome) and they sound like a band energised and loosened up by experimenting, synths and piano are all over this as well as the usual guitars, even though the lyrics remain pretty weighed down by life and experience.

Foolin’ Around

This one from San Diego’s Crocodiles is a sleazy, born to boogie, piece of action, sounding like the best and dumbest bits of your favourite fuzzed up, three chord, rock ‘n’ roll bands distilled down into three minutes and thirty nine seconds. The video is good fun as well. New album, Boys, recorded in Mexico City and out right now.

Fuzzy Crocodiles

San Diego’s Crocodiles have a new album out, Endless Flowers, that threatens to blow their cover as feedback drenched JAMC copyists a bit. There’s still plenty of fuzzed-up scuzz rock here but there’s a summery, sing-song quality to some of the tracks and some of yer actual pop-melodies. I only got this the other day (Action Records in Preston, highly recommended for a good record rummage) but I like it a lot already. I had a cup of tea with Ally Queen of Dusty Sevens on Sunday afternoon at Stockport Vintage Village, who grew up visiting Action Records. Very nice it was too, to meet another blogger in real life.

Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

In other news the HMI fun continues… I’m still here. Just.

More Crocodiles

Bagging Area featured San Diego’s Dylan-haired, sunglasses wearing, polka dot shirted, scuzz rockers a month or so ago. They had an album out in 2010, Sleep Forever, which missed out in my end of year review because I didn’t get it until a few days ago. It’s good, and unusually for these times, it feels like a real album. Only eight songs long but when it finishes I just want to stick it on again. This song is Hearts Of Love, the Mary Chain influence still written large but this has melody, fuzz, tons of reverb, some warmth, good production and a huge big chorus bubbling up from the Crocodiles gutter. I like it a lot, and the other seven are just as good.

Hearts Of Love.mp3

San Diego Via East Kilbride

Crocodiles, named I assume after the Bunnymen album, are from San Diego and make scuzzy, fuzzy rock music influenced by The Jesus And Mary Chain. In fact they couldn’t sound more like JAMC unless they were called Reid and came from East Kilbride. Still, pretty good. This is Neon Jesus from 2008.