Bonnie And Clyde

And to be fair Warren Beatty didn’t look that much like Clyde Barrow either.

While rummaging through boxes and shelves of cds (and having a cd storage problem that is not yet resolved) I found a load of freebie music magazine cds from the last decade- one from 2003, Mojo’s 18 Tracks From The Year’s Best Albums (almost none of which came from albums released in that year). Tucked towards the end of it was this classic from Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot- breathy duet vox, 1968 vibes and some great whooping backing vocals.

Bonnie and Clyde



We’re off to France next Thursday (August 2nd), driving down to Dover and then hitting the Autoroute westwards to Brittany. Breton shirts all round. So here’s some French pop from Brigitte Bardot (and as Davy proved last week, having a Bardot post is never a bad idea). This song is taken from David Holmes’s essential Essential Mix from 1998 so may finish abruptly. Somewhat bizarrely when I inserted the cd into the pc, the computer thought the disc was Lost Soul by Doves. I renamed it but it might still claim to be Doves when you d/l it. It isn’t. It’s Bardot. Salut!