She Decided To Drive Up To Observatory Crest

One of the gems hidden inside Andrew Weatherall’s mix I posted last week was this Captain Beefheart song- cosmic, trippy, romantic and beautiful. Anto rates it as a hangover curer. It was on the Captain’s 1974 album Bluejeans And Moonbeams which disappointed many Beefheart fans when it was released- they thought it was too commercial, too mainstream. Listen to this to ease your way into Monday morning and reflect on that for a moment. Then click play again.

While The City Was Busy We Wanted A Rest

Mercury Rev recorded at the BBC’s Maida Vale studio in 1999 for a Peel Session, with a lovely laidback cover of Captain Beefheart’s Observatory Crest, perfect for this time on a Sunday when the light’s gone, and ‘Monday’s coming like a jail on wheels’.

03 Observatory Crest.wma

Zig Zag

Bagging Area has been zig-zagging all over the place recently, from 80s indie, to rock, to vintage hip hop to acid house, post punk, Irish punk and God knows wherever else. Eclecticism- we got it. Or randomitis.

Anyway – tenuous link ahoy!- here’s Zig Zag Wanderer from Captain Beefheart, a zippy piece of souped up r’n’b/fast electric blues. As everyone knows Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica is a work of unparalleled genius. If I ever manage to listen to it all the way through I’ll let you know if I agree. This song is from the much more listenable Safe As Milk album, and let’s be honest, the man and his band at this point looked sharp. Very, very sharp.

Zig Zag Wanderer.mp3