Wild Billy Childish and The Buff Medways ‘The Poets Dream’

It’s not all garage rock round Billy Childish’s way, no sir. This is the quite lovely ballad The Poet’s Dream, electric guitar but finger picked rather than three chord strum, great melody and aching singing, with Billy celebrating his muse. It’s a song for lovers, as Dicky Ashcroft once observed, far less successfully.

Speaking of muses (and not that godawful band from Devon) Nick Cave had a verse in There She Goes, My Beautiful World that goes ‘I look at you and you look at me, deep in our hearts we know it, that you weren’t much of a muse,but then I’m weren’t much of a poet’, which always makes me laugh. Billy Childish isn’t a Nick Cave fan so I doubt he’d be that pleased to be linked in this way, but then he doesn’t do the internet either so I shouldn’t think he’ll be reading this. But if you are Billy, say hello.

09 The Poets Dream.wma