Monday’s Long Song

Freshly arrived into the world, Crooked Man’s remixes of Roisin Murphy’s recent single Incapable are a pair of long, sexy, burning tracks,

Incapable Mix Pt. 2 starts with single piano notes and at about twenty seconds a bass-hoover sound so exciting it’ll have you in knots. From there it’s deep and taut and sultry, slowly building in intensity.

Just to prove that you can’t have too much of a good thing the Pt. 3 Mix is sparser still, Crooked Man layering bass, fizzy bleeps and glitches around Roisin’s voice for eight minutes and thirty seconds of magic.



Here’s something new from Roisin Murphy.

Incapable was recorded with Sheffield house/techno mainstay Richard Barrett (Crooked Man/DJ Parrot) and is a super-funky, deep house groove, a bit disco round the edges, Roisin trying out a lyrical point of view- that someone could be ‘incapable of love’. The vocal, the hand claps and the build to the chorus are all first rate and the part where the bass joins in, around fifty seconds, makes me want to jump out of my seat and run around the room.


One of last year’s best singles was Amy Douglas’ Never Saw It Coming which came with a very smart remix by Crooked Man. In a record shop the other week I found Crooked Man’s album, Crooked House, which I missed last year. Crooked Man is Richard Barratt, a man who has been part of Sheffield’s music scene since the early days of Cabaret Voltaire, playing house music in the early days and at the start of bleep ‘n’ bass and was a member of All Seeing Eye. He has recently returned to the fray and made an album.

The nine songs on Crooked House are all aimed at shaking the walls and sending dancers to the floor, nine songs with vocals and verses and choruses (and if that sounds trad the music definitely doesn’t), big scuzzy basslines, songs that gather in intensity. It’s out on DFA. Try this one for size, with a naggingly great vocal refrain and a bleep running though it, it’s likely to get you up and moving- yes, even at our age.

Long Time Dead

Never Saw It Coming

Sean Johnston was playing this last night at the Convenanza festival in Carcasonne and it is a beauty, a full on trippy modern house record, with the double threat of the powerful New York vocals of Amy Douglas and three superbly Balearic remixes, woozy, mechanical funk, from Crooked Man (Crooked Man is Richard Barratt, DJ and producer from Sheffield, city of bleep). The sort of record that sounds like the dark corners of nightclubs, smells of dry ice and feels like a shot of something strong coursing through your veins.