Life Can Be Cruel

Would you like to start your Sunday with a hot off the press Hardway Bros re-edit of Japan’s Life In Tokyo? Of course you would, why wouldn’t you? Sean Johnston has given the 1979 David Sylvian- Giorgio Moroder co-write a sultry update, setting the controls for a nine minute voyage to the heart of the chug. It all gets a bit wiggy and spun out too. Get it here or below.

Life In Tokyo (Hardway Bros Re-edit)

I Feel Space

More space-disco from Norway today with Lindstrom and I Feel Space, a track inspired by I Feel Love. Norway by way of Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer. I Feel Space was released back in 2005 but in no way sounds thirteen years old, its Italo synths and rhythms sounding completely current in 2018 (but then I think I Feel Love still sounds modern, which goes to show how ahead of the game Moroder was).

I Feel Space was covered by fellow Norwegian Marius Circus earlier this year, a 12″ single which came with a very tasty, slightly acid-tinged Andrew Weatherall remix. I posted it here.

I Feel Space

Love Never Ends

Today one of our oldest friends gets married in Sheffield. Congratulations R and Z, may you ever be together in electric dreams.


I took a punt on this recently in the ALFOS section in Piccadilly Records, a four track 12″ by Maurice and Charles. Released at the end of last year, the A-side is a trippy, bleepy electronic chugger called Sofa Love plus a remix. The B-side is this tribute to John Carpenter, mixing a dirty bassline, some Eno-Byrne My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts style sounds and some vocal samples from Escape From New York. A moody, funky groove you’ll want to play all over again as soon as it finishes.

In 2011 Maurice and Charles put this out, a sort of acidic disco tribute to Giorgio Moroder.

Moroder In Milan (Original Mix)

Donna Summer RIP

Surely one of the greatest records ever made.