Dub Transmission

This shot shows Joy Division sitting on a low wall near the cenotaph, in St Peter’s Square, Manchester. A cenotaph which the city council have recently moved several hundred metres away. Quite disorientating when you first encounter it unexpectedly, on foot.

Jah Division made/make dub versions of Joy Division songs- that’s a very niche interest. Even more bizarre is the claim that they are (allegedly) Russian Rastafarians. Hmmm. Their dubs are tense, wired, spacey versions of songs which were pretty tense and wired in the first place. Well worth giving a spin.

Transmission Dub

Oooh, have another one as a bonus.

Dub Disorder

Jah Division ‘Dub Will Tear Us Apart’

Several months ago A North Country Bhoy posted an e.p. by New York based reggae band Jah Division. The band do exactly what it says on the tin- play dub versions of Joy Division songs. The e.p. had four tracks, and this is the best- Dub Will Tear Us Apart, much better than you might think it could be. Thanks to ANCB for this lovely piece of laid back post-punk dubbery.

Dub Will Tear Us Apart.mp3