The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 134

Ladies and gentlemen tonight we drink in the company of Link Wray- so mind your Ps and Qs, watch your step, don’t let the drink loosen your tongue too much and admire the fuzz guitar. He lost a lung in Korea y’know.

Deacon Jones

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 96

It’s Friday night so why not let Link Wray tear up your stereo with the fearsome guitar sound of White Lightning (intended as the follow up to Rumble in 1958 but the record label  bottled it). Link achieved his fuzzed up sound by sticking a screwdriver through his guitar speaker into the cone- I don’t advise trying this at home but let me know how you get on if you settle into some hi-fi auto-destruction tonight.

White Lightning

The Return Of Friday Night is Rockabilly Night 85

The return of Link Wray to Friday night. Link returned from the Korean War minus one lung and so let his guitar do his vocals for him. A man who knew how to dress- the clothes (and hair for that matter) were not wearing him. It’s Friday night, its cold, the central heating’s on the blink again- we may have to drink and dance to keep warm. You’re all invited.


>The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 19

Do you want some rockabilly? It is Friday night after all. Link Wray definitely has at least one foot in the rockabilly camp. His haircut too. Rock on.

Missing Link

Link Wray- who invented the use feedback, the power chord, instrumental rock, and co-fathered punk and heavy metal- and is one of the real pioneers, was part Shawnee. In 1971, years after his Rumble heyday, released a tough edged country rock album, dressed as a Shawnee tribesman on the cover. This is the closing track Tail Dragger. In the above picture Link looks very ready to rumble.

11 Tail Dragger.mp3