I’ll Be Playing Concerts In The Mud

Periodically it’s good to remember this 2014 song from the combined talents of Frank Ocean, Diplo, Paul Simonon and Mick Jones. Put together as something to do with Converse it goes way beyond a cheap commercial tie in. Mick’s shimmering guitar part and Diplo’s beats are the perfect accompaniment to Frank Ocean’s meditation on being a young black man in the USA- ‘I’m a badboy, I’m a punk’. The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir join in and lift it further upwards. I don’t think all four were ever present in the same room at the same time- Frank’s vocals were done elsewhere, at a different time- but it doesn’t show or matter. At the time there was talk of other tracks Mick and Paul put down with Diplo but it doesn’t look like anything came of them, so this is all we have. The only real disappointment is that it’s all over in under three minutes.




Mick Jones and Paul Simonon re-appear here, courtesy of a well known plimsoll manufacturer (hard to get too po-faced and uppity about this piece of ‘advertorial synergy’, we’ve all owned a pair of Converse haven’t we? Cue a string of comments by people saying no). Half of The Clash along with producer Diplo and Frank Ocean and the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir for the Three Artists, One Song project. Dodgy arithmetic but the song, Hero, is really rather good with a lovely fade in. Free download.