Here’s some super slinky 70s stuff from Glass Candy, a cover of Herb Alpert’s classic. Glass Candy always manage to stay just the right side of the line- they skirt it pretty close sometimes- but make no mistake, this is class. Listening to this I feel like I should be reclining in my 25th floor New York apartment overlooking Central Park, in one of those suspended plastic bowl seats, with a large weighty tumbler in my hand (spirits splashed over ice), while my girlfriend lounges in a see-through nightie idly flicking through Cosmopolitan. I am wearing polyester flares and a polo-neck, smoking. A chimp plays the trumpet.

Arizona Alpert

Another Public Enemy mash up I re-found recently (I think via Tedloaf and Twitter). Chuck D rages about Arizona, the state who refused to recognise Martin Luther King Day, while Herb Alpert parps away merrily underneath. Herb sued the makers, The Evolution Control Committe. Chuck and Flavor Flav didn’t. But then PE always knew what time it was.