The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 110

I haven’t got any tattoos- never seen one I really liked enough to make me want to get it done. I’m not saying I don’t like them, I just never got the bug. Plus, when I were a lad, they were very much an outsider thing. You wouldn’t have one done in a visible place if you ever wanted gainful employment. hence, they were very much an outsider thing. I was never that much an outsider. Now, everyone has one, all over the place. Overexposed and from top to bottom. I was once in a busy swimming pool with my kids and I think we were the only  three people in the water without tattoos. A much younger colleague has her niece and nephew’s names on her the tops of her feet. On a school trip she asked if I ever thought about having my kids names tattooed on me, to which I replied ‘Nope. I can remember my kid’s names.’ Also, having them scrawled on my inner forearms won’t make them mean any more to me. But occasionally a proper 50s style rockabilly tattoo can be appealing.

Tonight’s Friday night song is a real swinging, bluesy rockabilly song from Jimmy Dempsey in 1960. he woke up this morning and she done moved- gone, left, skidaddled, real gone.

Think I might go for a pint.

She Done Moved