New single from my current nu-disco favouites Glass Candy here– free download (thanks to London Lee for the tip off, hope he doesn’t mind me re-presenting it here. Think of it as a kind of Bank Holiday Special on repeat). It’s a slow burning affair with bubbling synths and Ida No’s druggy vox, through the glass darkly. Which reminds me- I still need to find a copy of Warm In The Winter on vinyl.


Kill For Love

I bought an album on a whim last weekend, based on it being recommended by someone and in Piccadilly Records top ten lps of 2012- Chromatics’ album Kill For Love. On double pink vinyl. Also I’d heard their cover version of New Order’s Ceremony which I thought was alright (with Glass Candy’s Ida No on guitar and Johnny Jewel, it turns out, is a member of both bands).

Some of the songs are growing on me, individually, although as a whole album I think it’s too long and samey, too one paced. But maybe that’s me and my lessening patience for 16 song albums. There’s an early 80s mix of clean guitarlines, crisp production and electronics and a lot of icy atmosphere. At times the FX on the vocals are really irritating- singer Adam Miller making way too much use of his vocoder- but when Ruth Radelet sings things take off. The title track features Ruth’s vocals and the unmistakeable influence of Bernard, Hooky, Steven and Gillian.

Kill For Love