Yes, I know, wrong day. Today is Lundi.

Dimanche is on this year’s Shadow People album by French duo The Liminanas. It’s well worth getting hold of if you haven’t already- ten tracks recorded at Anton Newcombe’s studio, taking in Velvet’s fuzz and rhythms, thumping drums, sunglasses and black leather and a guest spot for Peter Hook’s bass. Dimanche, with guest vocals from Bertrand Belin, has been remixed by fellow Frenchman Laurent Garnier and it is very good indeed, Garnier adding some clubby dynamics, looping some parts, drawing out the ringing feedback and a sticking a massive kick drum and snare underneath. I think this came out on 12″ for Record Store Day.

Crispy Bacon

In 1986 Laurent Garnier, a young Frenchman who’d been living in London for a couple of years, moved to Manchester. He went to the Hacienda one night and changed his life. Later on he met Mike Pickering and began djing as DJ Pedro. In the 90s he moved back to France, djing, running a label, producing, that sort of thing. In 1997 he put out his second album, 30, which contained this track…

Crispy Bacon

If you have any interest in or love for techno you should take six minutes out of your day today to play Crispy Bacon. It is Gallic techno par excellence and it is difficult to believe it is twenty years old. I’d imagine at club level volume after midnight it can still demolish a dancefloor too. And just in case there’s any doubt about whether Laurent Garnier still has it, this year he’s put out a three track e.p. on Kompackt called Speicher 95- Tribute. This is the lead track, ten minutes of intense, innovative modern machine music…