Reboot The Mission

I like Mick Jones. He seems like a decent bloke (Drew’s rant about BA’s use of London Calling and presumably Mick’s approval notwithstanding). He loves to play live, he’s accepted he didn’t always behave well while in The Clash and knows he had to grow up, he moved on to another groundbreaking band (BAD), he dances like your uncle at a wedding. He put the Justice Tonight band together. He’s a good guy. He’s on our side.

Mick Jones has joined up Jakob Dylan’s band The Wallflowers for the new single off their forthcoming album. The song, Reboot the Mission, sounds like an offcut from Sandinista or Combat Rock that could segue into ‘Ring, ring, 7 am’ at any moment, albeit with Bob Dylan’s son on vocals. It’s alright. I suspect the rest of the album will be in the American alt-rock vein- a bit Tom Petty, a bit Bruce, a bit The Hold Steady, a bit y’know the kind of thing.

From Big Audio Dynamite’s Tighten Up Vol ’88, a reggae influenced tale of rockers, dreads and tribes.

The Battle Of All Saints Road