Weatherall Mix Roundup 5

You might want to have a look at this over at Soundcloud. Andrew Weatherall playing Back To Basics 20 last December. Starts and ends with Smokebelch. Two hours plus long. Free download. What are you waiting for?


Smokebelch, smokebelch, smokebelch.

This isn’t the original 12″ with it’s 10 minute Entry and Exit mixes, or the legendary beatless version, or the drumming majorettes and piano breakdown David Holmes remix. This is a curious one- off a triple cd dj mix box-set, in a PiL Metal Box style tin, called Cut The Crap, released by/in connection with Back To Basics, the Leeds nightclub. Weatherall mixes cd 3 (cds 1 and 2? Ralph Lawson and someone else, can’t be bothered to go downstairs and check, sorry). This version of Smokebelch is credited to Two Lone Swordsmen not The Sabres Of Paradise, and on the tracklist is titled Smokebelch (For Ali). Alistair Cook was B2B’s co-founder and dj who died in car crash in 1993, and this version of Smokebelch is a suitably sombre affair and tribute, all deep cello and bass. It’s a wonderful version of the greatest tune of the 1990s.

12 Smokebelch.wma