Heart Of Data

The first time I played Factory Floor’s new single, Heart Of Data, I wasn’t too struck on it. I must not have been paying attention because it is 6 minutes of sleek modern techno brilliance. Pulsing bass, waves of synths, crashing cymbals, kick drum and a sense of rushing to meet the future. It and the B-side are from their score for Fritz Lang’s 1920s sci fi classic Metropolis, which they produced last year for the Science Museum. More please.



Factory Floor- messy decorators, don’t ask them to do your front room. You could ask them to provide you with some good music though. They’ve slimmed down to a two piece and on their new album 25 25 they’ve moved away from the industrial noise of their earlier records to an acid house sound- stripped back with bouncing basslines, analogue synths, acid squiggles and squelches, the tsk tsk tsk of high hats, an 808 snare, a thumping kick drum and some very minimal vocals (‘Ya’, ‘work work work’). Much of this album sounds like it could have been made and played in any dance club anywhere between 1988 and 2003 but it more than gets away with it- retro but forward thinking. I suspect I shall be playing this for some time.

How You Say

I was in the pub on Boxing Day with my friend H. We were talking about music (having done work, football etc) and were agreeing on how we love drones. Drones, repetition, tension and release. This Daniel Avery remix of Factory Floor is perfect and ticks all those boxes. The original is jerky and noisy. The remix is more subtle, still with noise but a more peaceful noise. The electronic drones are at times calming and at times intense. The build up of tension is superb. The whole thing is driven by a bassline and a kickdrum that pulse. It shifts in places, slightly but dramatically. Remix perfection.

How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)


This 12″ came out last year, from the combined talents of Peter Gordon and Factory Floor. Listening to it on the bus back from Belgium late on Monday night, through headphones, was close to a religious experience especially round the nine minute mark- and not entirely due to sleep deprivation. Ebbing and flowing of sounds, pulsing waves and oscillations and discordant saxophone (an instrument often I can’t abide). Full on.


Drone Logic

This is a twenty minute preview megamix of Daniel Avery’s album Drone Logic, out at the start of this week. If you like dark, bass heavy, weird noise-led, synth-string, underground electronic music, this should be right up your alley.

Drone Logic (Factory Floor/Gabe Gurnsey Remix)

Two Different Ways

I just discovered this belter of a track by Factory Floor. It sounds a bit like a vocal from a lost Factory Records song circa 1983 played over something you could have danced to circa 1989.


I found this recently at Just Press Play blog, an always reliable source of good leftfield electronic stuff, and it is a cosmic belter- Beachcomber is fourteen minutes of New York veteran Peter Gordon and Factory Floor making some beautiful links between stellar bass, wonky synths and post-punk sax. Out soon on Optimo.