I Belong To Glasgow

Well, that was a lot of fun. Myself, Drew (Across The Kitchen Table), JC (The Vinyl Villain), Stevie (Charity Chic Music), Dirk (Sexy Loser), Brian (Linear Tracking Lives), Walter (A Few Good Times) plus various friends of JC’s (Aldo, Colin, Carlo) and Drew’s (Stiff, William) managed to pull the bloggers weekend off, a bunch of middle aged men loose in Glasgow city centre. I think we all had moments leading up the weekend when we thought ‘will this work?’ and ‘what if we don’t get on?’, and had people say to us ‘you’re going away to meet men you only know from the internet- are you mad?’. Dirk and Walter flew in from Germany. Brian came from Seattle. Seattle! I drove up from Manchester. The Glaswegian contingent were generous and genial hosts. We stopped in various pubs and bars. We shopped for records. We did football and culture. We saw Glasgow in glorious sunshine. All was good. It just goes to show that friends you make on the internet can become friends in the real world too. It will definitely happen again sometime.

There’s a post over at The Vinyl Villain today featuring a band who won’t have cropped up too often on our music blogs, an Imaginary Compilation Album for Coldplay, that is partly ribbing us music bloggers and our obsessions (and quite right too, we take music far too seriously sometimes). While sitting outside a pub on Saturday lunchtime it was suggested that we could all follow suit and post songs by Coldplay today. It may even have been me that suggested it. But I don’t think I can do it. Sorry. Actually, I’m not sorry. I’m not posting anything by Coldplay. Is this any use? Cold (cut)…

Kick Out The JamEs (Speng)

… and (Kid ‘n’) Play

Last Night

Autumn Leaves

My diary tells me it is now officially autumn. This Coldcut track remixed by the Irresistible Force and produced by Mixmaster Morris is a wonderful sprawling piece of ambient house (some use the phrase chill out but I can’t bring myself to do it). At first it doesn’t sound that autumnal but as it unwinds and the vocal comes in, the sense of seasons changing and the sun diminishing becomes overpowering.

Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix)

Cold Cuts

I was flicking through the random music TV channel again- you can tell I’m off work- and out of nowhere this came on…

Doctorin’ The House features some of the more obvious samples you might associate with Coldcut, squashed into a three minute forty five single, with Yazz singing the refrain and doing the dancing. It was in the top ten for four weeks in 1988. To be honest, this single has its charms but I’m a little ambivalent about it.

Whereas their 1995 double cd Journeys By DJ 70 Minutes Of Madness is brilliant- inventive, audacious, witty and fun. And a dancer. It takes in their own Beats And Pieces and mixes in Red Snapper, Junior Reid, Jedi Knights, Depth Charge, the Dr Who theme, Plastikman, Moody Boys, Photek, Masters At Work, Mantronix and dozens more. Turntablism can disappear up its own backside sometimes but this is peerless.

Heavyweight Clash

Godzilla v King Kong, Superman v Batman, Pacino v De Niro, Pele v George Best- there’s something about the dream heavyweight clash that isn’t quite as satisfying as it should be. But you might find that Coldcut v The Orb actually delivers. A fifteen minute trip recorded live for Kiss FM, the two outfits rifle through each other’s record boxes and samples to create something that sounds a bit like both and something a little bit new. I don’t know exactly who did what or how they executed it but…score draw and a whole load of fun.

Coldcut Meets The Orb


You Go To Your Girl’s House And I’ll Go To Mine

Eric B and Rakim’s Paid In Full (the Coldcut Remix) is one of those hip-hop party records that always, always sounds great. That’s not to say that one should attempt to dance to it at your youngest brother’s wedding the Saturday before Christmas done up in suit and tie, possibly a little too early in the evening and there being few other dancers thus leaving yourself a tad exposed upon the dancefloor- but I like to think I got away with it. No, I don’t what those people were laughing at either.

Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness- the Coldcut Remix)

Say Kids!

Say Kids What Time Is It? was Coldcut’s first record and more or less invented cut-and-paste, sample based music making. It’s still an astonishingly inventive record, filled with the possibilities that new technology and a decent record collection presented them with. After this came Pump Up The Volume and Theme From S’Express. The future is now twenty four years old.