Girl From New York

Billy Nicholls is one of the forgotten men of 1960s pop and as such has an album that is one of those legendary, hard-to-find records- his take on Pet Sounds, shelved by Immediate just before it was due to come out (Andrew Loog Oldham’s label ran into financial difficulties).This song is an absolute joy with blistering guitar parts from Steve Marriott, the rest of The Small Faces thumping along and a superb vocal from Billy.


The lyrics take some beating too…


She came from New York in the summer
We went to the zoo
She said that London was lovely
We had a good view

I called her at four in the morning
She came to the phone
We met in a park as the dawn came
I picked her a rose

Some how we found the time
To love each others mind

Peanut butter’s fine

I can’t stand peanut butter personally.

Girl From New York