I’m Still Believing

The spirit and sound of 80s indie, proper indie mind, seems to be alive and well in this new song from Toy- the guitars are brittle, the vocals remind me of Lawrence from Felt and Pete Astor, all very Creation. Rather good and very catchy too. Even the press shot for the album has been done to look like a cassette inlay. It’s got me wondering what happened to my suede jacket.



Sometimes, something really good happens when you least expect it. The new Natasha Khan project pricked my ears up when I first read about it a few weeks back, then Drew recommended it and Walter posted it recently too. The first time I listened to it on a stream it blew me away. Sexwitch are Natasha Khan, Dan Carey and some of Toy. The band name alone gives you an idea of what you’re going to get. Over six songs the album unfolds with some dark and thundering grooves, bass and drums well to the fore, jagged shards of guitar and Natasha’s vocals, chanting and controlled but also letting go with shrieks and screams. ‘I addicted him, he addicted me’ she intones, which captures the feel as well as anything. Four of the songs are Middle Eastern or North African in origin, the lyrics translated into English, and these are the ones that really move, that make this record connect, where the thumping, voodoo magic happens. A sexy, psychedelic stew.



Fell From The Sun

This song continues the (unintentional) sun/clouds theme I’ve been riffing on here recently- Toy and Jane Weaver with an excellent slice of psyche-folk (released for RSD 2015). The guitars remind me a bit of Ocean by The Velvet Underground, and a few other things I can’t quite put my finger on. Understated and restrained.

If you haven’t got Jane Weaver’s album from last year, The Silver Globe, please go out and get it right now.


We had friends round for tea and a couple of glasses of wine each and we’re now trying to pack to go on holiday tomorrow. And I’m mucking about on the internet.

I missed this absolute gem of a song and only discovered it by accident earlier today- from last year, Emiliana Torrini and Steve Mason, noisy and way up there. The noise, I’ve just discovered, is provided by Toy.

I Go Out

And this, a remix of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games by Dreadzone’s Greg Dread. Lovely.

Lana Dub Rey

Right. How many pairs of shorts do I need?

Fearless Toy

Toy have made an autumnal dash for the end of year lists with their highly enjoyable self-titled debut album, heavy on psychedelic guitars and motorik drumming and a dash of Mary Chain menace. In this remix Richard Fearless sets the controls for the heart of West Germany circa 1972, with some lovely Neu! style parts. Ist gut.

Left Myself Behind (Trans Love Energies Version)

What Augustus John would make of Toy or Fearless I don’t know. I’ve just read a book about him. John was a bohemian portrait painter who rejected Edwardian England’s formality, spending a year roaming England in a Romany caravan with his wife and mistress, who grew his hair and beard long, wearing a kerchief instead of a tie, and allowed his many children freedoms other children at the time didn’t get, so it’s nice to think so. I suspect even our most liberal Victorian and Edwardian forebears would struggle with some of the repetitive noises we listen to today but who knows. Wasn’t Stravinsky pretty far out sonically?

Breton Shirt And Remix

As well as prehistoric sites I like a Breton shirt (as modelled here by Pablo Picasso). I could’ve blown most of the holiday budget on stripey marinierres. When I got in on Tuesday night amongst all the bank statements, junk mail and demands for money was a postcard from the postman to tell me I had a parcel undelivered. I got it yesterday from the sorting office. London longhairs Toy remixed by Andrew Weatherall on 12″ vinyl. It made coming home worthwhile, a beautiful, throbbing, krauty number, really, really nice and totally cool. Limited to 1000 copies and I’m guessing the other 999 have all been sold so posting this is OK isn’t it?

Dead And Gone (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Toy Story

Toy, five kids with long hair and skinny jeans, play that repetitive, psychey, ever-so-slightly trippy, guitar and organ music which has had people comparing them to The Horrors and Joy Division. In exchange for your email address Heavenly Recordings will let you have a free two track download. Meanwhile over at Soundcloud you can download a Hardway Bros remix that takes the repetition even further. I think this may be up some peoples’ alleys.