England’s As Happy As England Can Be

Can’t Be Sure by The Sundays came on as I was driving home on Friday and this verse made me laugh at little in the context of recent event…

‘England, my country
The home of the free
Such miserable weather
But England’s as happy as England can be
Why cry?’

Their debut single from 1989. Minor key beauty, on a Sunday too.

Can’t Be Sure


A Little Souvenir

Back from camping- I took this photo on Saturday morning. The weather was lovely all the way through to Sunday night. Some members of our party even got a little sunburned. It’s been great to get away, to sit in a field around a fire, drinking wine, chatting. There’s something about getting up and being outside straight away that nullifies a hangover as well. This morning, as we were beginning to pack up, the heavens opened and didn’t stop. Our car boot is currently full of one very wet tent.

I got in, unpacked some of the car, stuck BBC 6 on and this song was playing.

No d/l I’m afraid. My Boxnet bandwidth has been exceeded for May and my 4Shared account has recently been terminated due to a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule over DMCA bobbins.