Back to the clothing related songs. There have been a load of helpful suggestions, far more than I’ll get around to posting- Vicar In A Tutu (The Smiths), My Favourite Dress (The Wedding Present), Peacock Suit (Paul Weller), The Boy In The Paisley Shirt (Television Personalities), Jo Jo’s Jacket (Stephen Malkmus), Underwear (Pulp), Autumn Sweater (Yo La Tengo), Bellbottoms (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). Thanks to George and Brian especially for their input.

I remembered I had this lost late 1990s single by Genelab on cd single (I’m out of bandwidth again so there’s no mp3). The song’s narrator details a girl (Lou), her anorak (on which they shag), and her leaving and his heartbreak, over a sweet guitar part, some backing vox and a crunchy drum beat.