Bobby Gentry’s Flipside

Bobby Gentry’s 1967 number single Ode To Billie Joe is a country blues classic with a great, intriguing, homespun lyric. It was however originally the B-side and only became the lead song when radio djs began playing it in response to listeners requests. The A-side was this rather good piece of Southern country rock.

Mississippi Delta

Bobby Gentry failed to repeat the success of Ode To Billie Joe despite writing and recording a load of other songs. In the 70s she got caught between the TV show circuit and the country blues (although she did get another UK number 1 with I’ll Never Fall In Love Again) and recorded at least one album with Glen Campbell, a copy of which I found in a charity shop in Beverley a while back. She retired from music in 1981.

HMI have gone. They were largely positive, surprisingly human and gave us some things to think about and act upon. But I am glad to see the back of them.


Fuzzy Crocodiles

San Diego’s Crocodiles have a new album out, Endless Flowers, that threatens to blow their cover as feedback drenched JAMC copyists a bit. There’s still plenty of fuzzed-up scuzz rock here but there’s a summery, sing-song quality to some of the tracks and some of yer actual pop-melodies. I only got this the other day (Action Records in Preston, highly recommended for a good record rummage) but I like it a lot already. I had a cup of tea with Ally Queen of Dusty Sevens on Sunday afternoon at Stockport Vintage Village, who grew up visiting Action Records. Very nice it was too, to meet another blogger in real life.

Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)

In other news the HMI fun continues… I’m still here. Just.

Delia’s Theme

Today HMI arrive for a random single subject inspection. We shall repulse them with the quality of our provision, our tracking system and progress measuring and work sampling, our short, medium and long term plans, our intention to always strive to be outstanding. If that fails maybe I’ll distract them with Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Delia’s Theme

Meanwhile back at the underground studio/bunker complex, if you’re into Astrolab Recordings and their chuggy chuggy sound (featuring Mr Weatherall, Mr Fairplay, Mr Avery, Mr Fraser, Mr Robertson and his Deadstock 33s and Mr Mugwump amongst others) then this compilation looks right up your alley.


Holy Fuck is the name of a Canadian instrumental, krautrock, electronica band. And ‘holy fuck’ is one of the phrases that passed through my mind when I got told this week that Her Majesty’s Inspectorate are coming to do a random single subject inspection of one of the subjects I am responsible for. Next Monday and Tuesday, the penultimate week of the term and year. Cheers HMI.