This Is No Game Played By A Man Living In White Houses

We haven’t had a great deal from Mr. Weatherall here recently so let’s correct that with this post- a Weatherall remix of Radioactive Man’s Fed-Ex To Munchen. Radioactive Man is/was Keith Tenniswood, the non-Weatherall half of Two Lone Swordsmen. Keith’s second album Booby Trap was a full on electro album released in 2003. Closing track Fed-Ex To Munchen had some lovely throbbing synths and the enigmatic vocals of Lali Puna’s Valerie Trebeljahr. For the remix Weatherall kept the vox, removed the synths and added live sounding double bass and one fingered keyboard playing, for a late-night, after hours, jazz club kind of feel. At the time I almost wore out my copy of the vinyl and this remix still sounds really good eight years later.