Papua New Guinea

Ok, last one in this particular run of posts- the extended, tranced and pounding Weatherall remix of Papua New Guinea. Future Sound Of London’s original was more than enough in some ways but Weatherall redefined epic with this one in 1992. Are those seagulls I can hear?

Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

And just to bring us bang up to date this is Weatherall’s remix of David Holmes’s Unloved group and their When A Woman Is Around song, a highlight from the recent album- bass heavy and keeping parts of the spoken word section of the song. Out on 12″ for Record Shop Day next month.


At The Moment You Could Say I’m Presently Optimistic

I really enjoyed Guilty Of Love by David Homes’ Unloved project which came out last autumn. There were two long Weatherall dub mixes too which were rather good. Now there’s a new song ahead of an album in March. When A Woman Is Around is even better than Guilty Of Love- rumbling drums, Wall of Sound production, ex-MC5 man Wayne Kramer’s guitar and Jade Vincent’s sultry vocals combining to bring 60s Hollywood into 2016. I’m in an open topped car in sunglasses and a bowling shirt, slipping between lanes and the palm trees. Actually, I’m not- I’ve looked out of the window. It’s still South Manchester and its close to zero.

Guilty Of Dub

I may be guilty of going round in ever decreasing circles at the moment with the blog. When we got back from France and the Netherlands there was a card among the pile of letters that came through the door while we were away. The card was from the postman and usually a card from the postman is because he can’t get a record through our letterbox. Maybe I should get a twelve inch wide letterbox installed. The record was Andrew Weatherall’s remixes of Unloved’s Guilty Of Love. Unloved are David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent- I posted the single a while back, a smoky blend of 60s girl groups, soundtracks and Jack Nietsche. The 12″ version contains two Weatherall remixes- a vocal remix and this splendidly atmospheric dub.

Guilty Of Love

This came our way yesterday, the new song from David Holmes’ new project Unloved (although I think Holmes has joined an already existing duo). Guilty Of Love sounds like a pyschedelic girl group song that could have been recorded at almost any point in the last fifty years, possibly in sun dappled, hazy Los Angeles with Lee Hazlewood involved somewhere, the air thick with cig smoke and perfume. Vocalist Jade Vincent has a very evocative voice. The e.p. is out in mid-October.