Monday’s Long Song

I slept on Fontan’s album last year for some reason, not really appreciating its charms. I reached for it recently and then played it several days non-stop while driving to and from work. I’m the one at fault here, I should have realised what a beautiful and inventive record it is this time last year but, y’know,  better late then never. Fontan are from Sweden and put their records out on the excellent Hoga Nord label. Their self-titled third album opened with this track, Mangsebung, an atmospheric, gently psychedelic trip into space and back. And at over eight minutes long it more than qualifies for this series.


Style Avenue

This is Timothy J. Fairplay’s remix of Mangsebung by Sweden’s Fotan- thumping drum track, swirling noises and then the seagulls come in. Not one for those who have woken with a headache this morning. Relentless, trippy, satisfying.

The track is out on limited vinyl as one of five remixes on Fontan The Convenanza remixes (also featuring Red Axes, Khidja, Mythologen and Pardon Moi).

Timothy has also sent this into the wild ahead of a new ep. I don’t like to quote directly from press releases but I can’t do any better than this- ‘a chuggy cosmic workout across time and space’.

Polar Star

In this post-Brexit world we live in it seems more important than ever to keep looking forward, to try to keep finding things that make the days lighter and longer. Over in Sweden the Hoga Nord label have an ever expanding catalogue of leftfield music. This one from Fontan was released last August, a three track 12″ (now sold out). Hoga Nord claim that Fontan are Sweden’s ‘number one neo-psych band’ and I have no reason to doubt them. Is this trippy late 60s rock retrogressive? Possibly. But is it good? Yes indeed.

The third track off the single, Sen Sen No Sen, is a psychedelic and repetitive delight, eight and a half minutes of drumming, percussion, glockenspiel with drones and heady noises.