Millions Now Living Will Never Die…

…was the title of a Tortoise album back in 1996, which is unbelievably nearly twenty years ago now. Walter mentioned it on Sunday at his blog. The whole album’s good but the other songs all have to live in the shadow of the twenty-one minute opener Djed, which takes it’s cues from dub, ambient, jazz and kraut and makes something new. Post-rock they called it- always seemed like a silly name to me. Hypnotic and relentless, full of lovely little touches on the organ, music to drift along in, swimming with the tide, even the middle to end section of noises and static and faint pulses. When it’s over the only thing to do is play it all the way through again, until you’ve lost forty minutes of your time, daydreaming.


My home computer is operating at tortoise speed quite often at the moment. I sometimes think it’d be quicker to write these out on paper and deliver them to your door by hand.