Three Piece

Andrew Weatherall must have been going without sleep recently given his prolific remixing output. Here’s three new ones for your Thursday.

This one is a weird, frantic, dubby thing with scratchy guitar and yelping, not a million miles from The Slits. It’s not The Slits though, it’s The Orielles, out on Heavenly. This is Part 2, so there must be a Part 1 somewhere too. I’ll keep you posted.

This is the Mix 2 of of Balearic Queen Nancy Noise’s Azizi’s Dance, following Mix 1 which I posted last week- subtle and spacey with some snatches of conversation just out of earshot and rather nice.

Finally, Weatherall has turned in not one, not two, not even three, but four different remixes for Swiss pioneers Yello, all different versions of the track Frautonium from their new album. This one has bleeps and noises and glides about the place.

Jungle Bill

A third Weatherall/Sabres remix from the compilation cd found recently and another one I’ve never posted before. Yello are an electronic outfit from Switzerland. Sabres Of Paradise provided at least two remixes of Jungle Bill in 1992, both of which were long and groovy, a bit tribal and trancey, but I sometimes think Weatherall was playing within himself with these.

Jungle Bill (Sabres Of Paradise Mix 1)